Thursday, June 11, 2009

Longing For A Dream Child – Fact or Fantasy?

Are you a parent who come across well-behaved and motivated children, and then wondered why your own offspring do not have such qualities? You then start thinking that somewhere along the line you missed out on something and at worst, even doubt your parenting skills.

Many experienced practitioners in the field of education, brought about the realization that all parents are keen for their kids to grow up to be obedient, bright, honest, successful, and energetic. Complementary studies set about trying to discover what was going wrong with the methods used by such parents, and why other parents could enjoy fruitful, life-long relationships with their satisfied children.

One of the first things that was noticed was that ‘There are no difficult children, there are difficult parents.’ It is parents who are largely responsible for how their children ultimately turn out to be. Parents need to themselves decide what proper and improper behavior really is, and to properly differentiate between right and wrong. Children emulate their grown-ups, particularly parents.

It is advised for parents not to be too authoritarian, or too lenient. A subtle mix of democracy and firmness is needed…Discipline should not be a punishment. It should be a boundary guideline, which cannot be overstepped with impunity. Parents, who take personal interest on a day-to-day basis, are able to spot behavior changes early and take remedial measures.

Parents who are too busy with their business, professional or social activities cannot hope to enjoy good rapport with their kids. Particularly when the child is approaching the teens, and hormone changes are creating stress for the child’s personality, parents have to be on hand, and act as counselors and companions.

Habits which must be cultivated includes letting children enjoy privacy, reinforcing good behavior, listening attentively to the child, having family meetings, discussing the consequences of behavior, praising, establishing an atmosphere of trust, etc.

Even if your child is a dream one, does not mean that you cannot learn any more, as lifelong learning is the order of the day. It is therefore imperative that you visit the below site for even more tips on how to rear that dream child.


Success To You and Your Children,


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