Sunday, August 30, 2009

Motivation From Your Children

Motivation can sometimes be seen as elusive and often comes from places we likely don’t always understand or anticipate.

Motivation can come from seeing your beloved child working hard to accomplish something – a drawing, an exercise routine, a Rubik’s cube or another task that appears to be very challenging . To see them hard at work, struggling and finally succeeding can motivate you as a parent to do something just as good and possibly better.

We see how satisfied those children feel when they accomplish something challenging and it makes us want to accomplish something ourselves in order to feel the same way.

As a parent it is sometimes difficult to grasp and understand that self-motivation doesn’t always come from yourself. It is indeed a big step in understanding where you can find motivation to get you through the day, the week, or even just this hour as your work tirelessly to improve yourself so that you can positively affect the lives of children.

Whenever you are stumped for motivation or if you’re ever feeling like you just need to sit back and give up for awhile, take a few minutes to reflect on the relationships that you have with your family, especially the children.

Think about how you can use your family to find your motivation to succeed in life and continue turning your environment into something successful and impactful.

There are lots of sources for motivation and it usually doesn’t come from you.

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