Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Successful Parenting Is About Implementing Practical Solutions

The art of successful parenting involves practical solutions for parents, tips for improving communication, building positive relationships and other useful parenting skills in order to develop children's self-discipline and help them become the winners they were meant to be.

To become a "manager of his child's temperament', a successful parent must have an emotionally "neutral" stance, by thinking rationally, rather than become emotionally embroiled in the temperamental difficulties of his child. The adult needs to learn the difference between the temperamentally determined behaviour, and that which is learned, and deliberately manipulative as a means of achieving a selfish outcome.

By understanding and improving the child's attitude and habits, parents will make great strides in enhancing their self- esteem and positive development. There are of course several parenting strategies for very intense children, and parenting strategies for slow-to-adapt children. The children's personality will ultimately develop itself as a reaction to the environment, and a response to the way they are perceived by the others, with parental influence playing a huge role.

The development of a positive self-concept is the corner stone for the successful rearing of children and teenagers. The medium to long term benefits are that it will help them to act independently, assume a responsibility, take pride in their accomplishments, attempt new tasks and challenges, and handle both positive and negative emotions in a proper manner.

Raising children is not “child's play” but parents can go a long way in adding value to the process by fulfilling the role of guardian, mentor and non-critical coach.


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